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artificialOwl was founded in 2013 by Jan Raphael Knieza. 
artificialOwl is a collective of artists working on projections and szenographics for exhibitions, concerts, festivals, clubs, fashion shows as well as corporate and private events. Based on our professional careers we can offer a wide variety of skills including interior decoration, furniture, carpenting, woodcraft, car interior modding and light concept consulting.

As another product family we supply handmade lamps in different shape. They can be used as ambient effects lights, projecting the inside on close walls or as ceiling mount lamps to create a warm atmosphere. Platonic solids are the foundation of those lamps as well as the projection content we ar generating,

The content for our installations, video projections and design of spaces is exclusivly created. We are using pictures, graphics,  2D and 3D animations plus videosequences. Every Installation is unique, as they correlate with space, location, archtitecture and landscape. It is generated individually for every occasion and it’s individual theme.

Unconvetionally our audience is integrated as projection surface. By the dynamic movement they function as an interactive center and artistic part of our work.
The combination of fog and projections intermediates dynamic movement of light sculptures in the air.

The walk-in holographic sculptures create a virtual dream world of projections, fog, water and further special FX. Wind, as an uncontrollable force of nature is an essential part of this work. Standing in the center of an installation the viewer is wrapped in diffuse clouds that are the screen for the hypnotic, disembodied light sculptures.